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  1. podofix® tension tool

    podofix® tension tool

    essential for podofix brace
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  2. PODOSTRIPE® Nippers

    PODOSTRIPE® Nippers

    Only to be used with PODOSTIPE® brace

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  3. COMBIped® - Forceps

    COMBIped® - Forceps

    essential for COMBIped-braces
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  4. 3TO® Tension Tool

    3TO® Tension Tool

    to use just for 3TO-braces
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  5. 3TO®- Forceps

    3TO®- Forceps

    essential for 3TO & 3TO PLUS braces
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  6. Combi Bending Tool

    Combi Bending Tool

    for 3TO, 3TO PLUS & COMBIped braces
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  7. Cutter


    Side-cutting nippers for all braces of the BFF System
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  8. Double Ended Excavator

    Double Ended Excavator

    Swan Neck - double end
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  9. V-Blade Handle

    V-Blade Handle

    for Gauge and V-blades
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  10. No1 V-Blade

    No1 V-Blade

    20 Blades per pack
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  11. No2 V-Blade

    No2 V-Blade

    20 Blades per pack
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  12. Top Grip Burr

    Top Grip Burr

    Only the front end is diamond coated
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  13. Nail Packing - 1 Roll
  14. Sandpaper file 3pcs

    Sandpaper file 3pcs

    Treatment of Nail surface
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In the event that you feel an instrument or Product has a Manufacture Fault, please call our Representative who will approve the return of the item. Once the item has been received and assessed to determine the reason for the problem, the instrument will be replaced at the Company's digression. Should a replacement be urgently required, your will be charged for the new instrument and credited should the Company find that there is a Manufacture Fault with the product returned. Please note that Best Feet First cannot take responsibility for the general wear and tear that AUTOCLAVING places on instruments or neglect in their care, handling and use.
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