1. PediGel® Set

    PediGel® Set

    PediGel® Sealant 4g, Microlamp incl. batteries, Spatula
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  2. PediGel® Sealant 4g
  3. Micro lamp incl. batteries
  4. Spatula



    Instrument for application of PediGel®

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  5. Active/Ortho-glue 7ml

    Active/Ortho-glue 7ml

    Very strong adhesive!
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  6. 4 pcs batteries for lamp
  7. Nail Packing Gel / Nail Compound 15 ml

    Nail Packing Gel / Nail Compound 15 ml

    quick strengthening of a nail
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  8. Sandpaper file 3pcs

    Sandpaper file 3pcs

    Treatment of Nail surface
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  9. Resin - Toe Model
  10. podofix® brace